Thompson Lake Watershed Survey 2023

The 2023 Watershed Survey Report is now available!

In May of 2023 TLEA volunteers and Technical Leaders surveyed the entire watershed of Thompson Lake. This nonregulatory survey was done to identify erosion sites and develop a Watershed Protection Plan for the next 10 years. We identified 299 sites that had significant erosion. Erosion, a form of non-point source pollution (NPS) is the biggest threat to the water quality of the lake. Property owners can go to the “Watershed Survey” page under “Programs” on this website to see the results of the survey. The Report lists sites of erosion, their level of impact, and what kind of remediation measures are recommended. Check it out by clicking:

2023 Watershed Survey Report

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Ron and Hobart Pres and VP Above:  Hobart Hardej and Ron Armontrout

Ron Armontrout

voted President of TLEA


Hobart Hardej

voted  Vice-President

at 2023 Annual Meeting

Youth Conservation Corp Has Successful 2023 Season

Local Students Receive Summer Employment and Environmental Education

TLEA’s YCC Program tackled a long list of  projects for Summer 2023..  YCC Project Coordinator Chris Stoehner and TLEA YCC Board Member Jim Skinner worked closely with Thompson Lake homeowners to inspect erosion issues, develop work plans, obtain any necessary permits, provide cost estimates and complete the remediation work.

If your property needs attention, please contact Jim Skinner at

For info,  email:

Learn More About the Youth Conservation Corps


Jim YCC Conf Learn more about creating (and maintaining) Youth Conservation Corp crews who focus on erosion-control efforts and other activities that improve lake and water quality. Whitney Baker from 30 Mile River watershed association wills hare an overview of the YCC program, and her perspective from a staffed regional watershed organization. Jim Skinner from Thompson Lake Environmental Association will share his perspective from a lake association that relies on volunteers to run and manage the program. Both speakers will share “lessons learned”, ideas for success, and some of the challenges they’ve faced organizing YCC crews for their lake and their region.
More information can be found at the Maine Lakes Conference website.

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Since 2008, TLEA has removed over
560 TONS
of milfoil from Thompson Lake.

Learn more about why milfoil is damaging to the lake

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