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Lake History

Just a one-hour drive northwest of Portland’s coastline, Thompson Lake lies in the Lakes & Mountains tourism region of southern Maine. Located at the intersection of Oxford, Androscoggin and Cumberland counties, Thompson Lake will lure you in with its charming communities and diverse countryside.

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Thompson Lake Map

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Lake trout fish in hands togue

Fishing & Boating

Thompson Lake offers some of the best salmon, lake trout (togue), and bass fishing in the state.

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Thompson Dam 2TLEA Thompson Lake Environmental Association Maine

Thompson Dam

The water level of Thompson Lake is controlled by the Robinson Mill Dam, a 150+ year old structure that lies at the outlet of the lake at its northern terminus, in the town of Oxford.

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TL Many Treasures

Thompson Lake Hides Many Treasures

An excellent overview of Thompson Lake, compliments of the Oxford Hills Magazine

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