Welcome to the Thompson Lake Environmental Association website. I hope you find the content informative, enjoyable and motivating. Our intent is not only to present information about our efforts to protect the natural resource of Thompson Lake, but also increase an awareness of the environmental threats that affect all Maine lakes and how we can mitigate them.

TLEA is comprised of a Board of Directors, Officers and multiple committees that coordinate the programs that are described on this website. The mission of TLEA is to preserve the natural beauty, water quality, and the biological diversity of Thompson Lake. Like many Maine lakes, Thompson Lake is a source of enjoyment and economic value to all who visit or live by the lake. Whether you enjoy the lake by boating, swimming, fishing or simply reflecting on the beauty of a sunset over the waters, you must agree this is a valuable resource. We strive to keep it that way for generations to come.

If you value the lake and would like to become a member of TLEA, please see our membership page where you should be able to sign up, pay your dues and even give a donation to our efforts. More importantly, we hope you gain some insight from this website on how you can promote the health of our lakes, wherever you enjoy them.


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