We Need You!

We all know how beautiful Thompson Lake is, but it has also been listed by the State of Maine as Threatened.  The chief danger to the lake, especially in this warming climate, is erosion (also called non-point source pollution).  Every drop of rain that runs off into the lake rather than being absorbed into the ground carries with it substances such as phosphorus that can degrade water quality.

This spring, The Thompson Lake Environmental Association, along with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and local Soil and Water Districts, will be conducting a survey of the entire Thompson Lake watershed.  This will provide us with the information to identify sites of erosion into the lake, formulate a strategic plan to mitigate the effects of erosion most efficiently, and allow us to apply for grants to help with these projects from the state and federal governments.  This is a big job and we’ll need a lot of people to pitch in.

Volunteers will need to attend a 2-hour training session conducted by the DEP during the early spring of 2023 to go over the process of inspecting properties: how to assess for erosion, taking photos, recording the data, remediation options and how to interact with landowners. This will be done via Zoom conference.

The survey is expected to be done in 2 days in early spring, 2023, tentatively scheduled for May 19-20, 2023.  There may be a follow up day in the fall as well.  Each day will be approximately 6-7 hours, with snacks and a lunch break. Volunteers will be split up into multiple groups, each assigned to a sector of the lake. A Technical Leader from the DEP or Soil and Water Districts assigned to each group to advise and direct. The volunteers will have sector maps available, identifying the properties and indicating those that have opted out of the survey.

We are looking forward to two days of productive work that will help preserve the natural resource of Thompson Lake for years to come. We also anticipate having a good time with fellow members as we tackle the threat of non-source pollution with a team effort.  We’re hoping to also hear from children and grandchildren of homeowners who will be the future stakeholders.  This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to contribute to the efforts to maintain the water quality of the lake, which will also benefit wildlife, plants and the whole Thompson Lake community.

To volunteer to help on May 19th or 20th, please send me a short email to volunteer@thompsonlake.org and be sure to include your Maine address and phone number.

Many Thanks,


Ken Mendelson
Watershed Volunteer Coordinator
Thompson Lake Environmental Association
PO Box 25, Oxford, Maine 04270