Results of the Loon Count

Following the 2022 count, Maine Audubon estimated a population of 3,057 adult Common Loons and 298 chicks for the southern half of Maine. (Each year, the estimate is for Maine south of the 45th parallel — roughly south of a line from Rangeley to Calais — which is the area where there are enough lakes covered by counters to make a reliable estimate.)

Final results of the 2022 Maine Loon Count

For more than 39 years, citizen scientists have helped us collect invaluable data to chart the status of our loon population over time.  Info compliment of the Maine Audubon Association.

If interested in participating in the Annual Loon Count,  please contact Peggy Dorf at TLEA.


Maine State Loon Graph

Thompson Lake Loon GraphTLEA Thompson Lake Environmental Association Maine

The observations recorded by our community scientist volunteers provide an excellent “snapshot” of Maine’s loon population.

Thompson Lake Pic of Loon Count updated for 2022